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Embark is a ministry for anyone new or looking to connect to our community. Sign up below to be a part of this month’s gathering on March 24th at 12:30pm directly after our 10:30am gathering.

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Holy week

Mark your calendars for Holy Week in April, starting with Palm Sunday on the 14th, Seder Dinner on the 18th, a Good Friday experience on the 19th, then finally Easter Sunday on the 21st. We will be discovering that God's heart is to restore all things through the death and resurrection of Jesus.


We are currently in Lent, a forty-day season on the church calendar in which christians around the world fast and pray in anticipation of Easter Sunday and the expectant joy of resurrection. As a community, we’re seeking the Lord together on what we might fast from and what practices we might take up in order to create space for Him to speak to us. If you are participating in Lent with us, consider how you might open yourself up to encouragement from others as a way to stay the path. We are also providing daily meditations for you to use in your personal prayer, which will be distributed on Sundays and posted on our Instagram Story.


Subscribing to the podcast is just another way to stay connected to our community. On the Media page you’ll find links to subscribe on Apple Podcasts. You can also listen through the browser!


We’re always looking for ways to communicate well and help the community stay connected. Each month we have a monthly email that talks about some of the things we’ve been doing, what we will be doing, and where we’re heading as a community. To receive these emails at the beginning of each month, be sure to sign up below!

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