Week of April 23, 2017


Join us this afternoon at 2 PM for our next prayer walk! Our heart is to cultivate a house of prayer, bringing His Kingdom reality into the City Beautiful and all the nations. We desire to discern His movements, and to live in response to what the Father is doing. Each month we gather together to pray over our neighborhood and city. We’ll meet at the church, split up into smaller groups, and head out and pray. Come along!


The Operations team aims to help fulfill the vision of our church and the vision of other teams. We are a team that uses our spiritual gifts to create a sense of home for our family. We always welcome people that want to help us help others. We are looking for both creative and task-driven people to help us create a well-balanced team equipped to serve our family. If you are interested in serving with Ops, connect with Ryan Adams.


We’re always looking for ways to communicate well and help the community stay connected. Each month we have a monthly email that talks about some of the things we’ve been doing, what we will be doing, and where we’re heading as a community. To receive these emails at the beginning of each month, be sure to sign up here!

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This Week

$4,414 of $5,600

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$4,414 of $5,600

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$71,067.74 of $78,000