City Beautiful Church grew out of the Status young adults’ ministry at Discovery Church in south Orlando. As Status blossomed into a multi-generational community, the leaders felt the call to launch as a church plant in the heart of downtown with a blessing from the mother church. Thus City Beautiful opened its doors in the summer of 2012.

The first year marked by the excitement of transience and new possibilities, with our Sunday gatherings rotating through many incredible venues in the downtown area: the History Center, The Mezz, and the Church St. Ballroom, to name a few. Eventually, the community landed at SAK comedy club, and greater stability was added to the vision with a partnership that would last over a year.


The next stage in our growth required not only a space to worship on Sundays, but somewhere to call “home” all week long. After a diligent search, we landed at our current building, just north of downtown in the bustling Lake Ivanhoe district. Along with a physical establishment of home came a spiritual call to root ourselves more deeply in God and in one another. “Family, living in heavenly reality” became our guiding light for our first year in the new space. In 2016 through series like “Colony” and “FORM” we sought to establish our identity as the Church.

2017 saw us build upon the next vision: “loving community for bold exploration”. We began with “In Search of the Beloved”, a journey through John’s gospel to give us a foundation of intimacy. Our “Loving Community” series informed how we see who we’re called to be because of God’s love binding us to one another. Our loving acceptance of one another became a platform for our “Bold Exploration” and “Equipped” series later that year. We prepared for the Advent season with “Signposts in the Mist”, an exploration of how the Old Testament exists to point us to Jesus as the full revelation of what God is like.