Week of November 11th, 2018


As we continue to grow deeper in telling God’s story with everything we are, join us on Saturday, November 17th at 7 pm as we celebrate our cultural diversity with an International Thanksgiving Potluck! This is a time to cherish the different heritages present at City Beautiful Church over food, music, and stories. Sign up below!


We will have a baptism celebration on Sunday, December 30th to round out the year and remember all God has done for us in 2018 Baptism is a symbol that we have been initiated into the family of God and given a new life in Christ. If you are interested in getting baptized or you would like to re-affirm your baptismal vows before the community, please email Ryan with any questions or for more information.


We’re always looking for ways to communicate well and help the community stay connected. Each month we have a monthly email that talks about some of the things we’ve been doing, what we will be doing, and where we’re heading as a community. To receive these emails at the beginning of each month, be sure to sign up below!

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Week ending on 11/4/18

$5,323.57 of $5,600

Month of October

$22,959.00 of $22,400

2018 Year To Date

$230,218.66 of $227,700