Week of Oct 15, 2017 


If you are someone who loves to get things done and be hands on as a way to serve the community, join us on the Ops team! We usher in an atmosphere of care and welcoming by setting up the space for people to encounter the Lord. If you're interested in learning more, email ops@citybeautiful.ch.


Sunday, October 15th, is the final day to sign up for this seasons discipleship opportunities. If you are interested in learning more and signing up, you can find additional information on the Praxis page here.


Our next Local/Global trip will be something a little different and special for us. We will be bringing Pastor Guillermo and his family to Orlando from Lima to visit us in January! Octubrefest is our fundraiser to help get them here. Join us Friday, October 27th, from 7 - 10 pm for games, a costume contest, photo booth, and more! Bring your friends, plan your costumes, and join us. Suggested donation will be $10. Additional details here.

You can also give here in any amount.


We’re always looking for ways to communicate well and help the community stay connected. Each month we have a monthly email that talks about some of the things we’ve been doing, what we will be doing, and where we’re heading as a community. To receive these emails at the beginning of each month, be sure to sign up here!

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