Week of May 21, 2017


Join us Sunday, May 28th at 2 PM for our next prayer walk! Our heart is to cultivate a house of prayer, bringing His Kingdom reality into the City Beautiful and all the nations. We desire to discern His movements, and to live in response to what the Father is doing. Each month we gather together to pray over our neighborhood and city. We’ll meet at the church, split up into smaller groups, and head out and pray. Invited your friends. Come along!


We are looking to expand our Greenhouse ministry by hiring a kids coordinator that can devote significant time to championing our children and their families. We are looking for someone passionate about shepherding young people who is also gifted administratively. This role includes curriculum development, cultivating a solid volunteer culture, and teaching on Sundays with some regularity. The role is estimated at 10 hours a week. Please email ryan@citybeautiful.ch if you are interested.


As part of our “Loving Community for Bold Exploration” yearly vision, we are launching a summer of discipleship initiative on Sunday, June 4th. Our goal is to create small teams of four or so members, each guided by one discipler with an eye towards greater fellowship, accountability, and intimacy in our church overall.

From June 4th until October 1st these teams will gather once a week to share, encourage, and pray for one another, in addition to maintaining an ongoing dialogue throughout the week (via text or social media) the serves as a space to share updates and further discussion. Our desire is these teams are relationally dynamic and seek both breadth and depth in the journey of faith together.

If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please click here and we’ll gather groups by our June 4th launch date."


We’re always looking for ways to communicate well and help the community stay connected. Each month we have a monthly email that talks about some of the things we’ve been doing, what we will be doing, and where we’re heading as a community. To receive these emails at the beginning of each month, be sure to sign up here!

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