Advent: Love

In the Christmas story we realize God gives us something better than answers - He gifts us the light of His loving presence. - Ryan Adams 

Advent: Joy

Difficult circumstances may endure, but there is joy that accompanies the hope of action. - Cole NeSmith

Advent: Peace

Recognizing that Shalom is complex, opens the absence of something better in its place to wholeness. - Stacie Fletcher 

Advent: Hope

Having hope and confidence in God, that has been working, is continuing to work in the future; Even when we don’t always see it. - Ryan Adams

Crux: Church

Let us draw near to God with a sincere Heart, cleansing our Hearts in his presence of a guilty conscious; Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess for he who promise is faithful. - Ryan Adams 

Crux: Confession + Forgiveness

 Come to him confessing in Faith, repent of our sins and he will purify from all unrighteousness - Nicole Ponder

Crux: Sacraments

The sacraments remind us of the central truth of our faith: it’s all a gift!. - Ryan Adams

Crux: Worship and Prayer

Intimacy is to open ourselves up to the depths and fullness with God that reveals of who we are. - Cole NeSmith

Crux: Faith

Faith is choosing to participate in God’s story especially when we don’t have all the facts. - Ryan Adams

Crux: Salvation

In the time of my favorite I will answer you, in the day of salvation I will help you. - Paul Alexander

Crux: Human Nature

At the core of Human Nature we are crafted in the image of God. Our value is not based on what we believe or how we act, but whose image we are made in. - Ryan Adams 

Crux: Trinity

What’s the center of what God’s like? Be more outwardly focused and other centered. - Ryan Adams

Serving Beyond

We are God’s handiwork, created in Jesus Christ to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. - Ryan Adams

Serving Within

Brave compassion leads us to serve with abandon, transforming hearts and lives. - Cole NeSmith  

Praxis Sunday

Jesus cares about what we do with our time and energy, because serving is an act of worshiping with our hands.  - Ryan Adams

Piercing the Veil: The Good Samaritan

The kingdom comes when we strip off the trappings of position, fear, busy-ness, and self-centeredness and return to the original core of who we are. - Cole NeSmith