Values: Identity

Our identities are rooted in being God’s children, not in what we do. - Ryan Adams

Values: Intimacy

Intimacy begins with learning to surrender to the constant presence of a God who loves us.   - Ryan Adams

Robin and Donna Adams

You are known in heaven for making Jesus real to people - Donna Adams


The role of the pastor is to tell the story of God in such a way as it interprets all our lives. - Ryan Adams

Washer Sunday

Everyday is a new opportunity to choose the lenses through which we view the world. - Cole NeSmith

Advent: Love

When we are able to see by the Light of Jesus we can begin to love like Jesus - Ryan Adams

Advent: Joy

When we carry joy with us, we have access to it in every emotion and circumstance. - Cole Nesmith

Advent: Peace

There is a reason God gave us a baby and not a warrior for a Messiah - Ryan Adams

Advent: Hope

Hope is the trajectory of God's redemptive love, and a promise He will finish what He started - Ryan Adams

Signposts in the Mist: New Adam

God’s salvation for the world through Christ can be understood as healing our deepest wounds. - Ryan Adams