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Vision Sunday

Together with one heart and mind, drawing closer to God. - Ryan Adams

Washer Sunday

The Christian life is an eternal engaging process of transformation into the person who God created us to be.  - Cole NeSmith


Epiphany is the culmination of the Christmas story - God offers the gift of His presence to us all. - Ryan Adams

Remembering 2018

Remembering God’s Faithfulness in the past gives us confidence to dream about the future with him. - Ryan Adams  

Advent: Love

In the Christmas story we realize God gives us something better than answers - He gifts us the light of His loving presence. - Ryan Adams 

Advent: Joy

Difficult circumstances may endure, but there is joy that accompanies the hope of action. - Cole NeSmith

Advent: Peace

Recognizing that Shalom is complex, opens the absence of something better in its place to wholeness. - Stacie Fletcher 

Advent: Hope

Having hope and confidence in God, that has been working, is continuing to work in the future; Even when we don’t always see it. - Ryan Adams

Crux: Church

Let us draw near to God with a sincere Heart, cleansing our Hearts in his presence of a guilty conscious; Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess for he who promise is faithful. - Ryan Adams 

Crux: Confession + Forgiveness

 Come to him confessing in Faith, repent of our sins and he will purify from all unrighteousness - Nicole Ponder

Crux: Sacraments

The sacraments remind us of the central truth of our faith: it’s all a gift!. - Ryan Adams

Praxis Sunday

The first of our Praxis Sundays dedicated to highlighting and celebrating all the different opportunities we as a community have to be involved in living the call to be the hands and feet of Jesus.