Praxis Sunday

Jesus cares about what we do with our time and energy, because serving is an act of worshiping with our hands.  - Ryan Adams


Love in Translation: Radical Hospitality

The church says it has answers for the world. So why doesn't the church look to hospitality as an answer to loneliness and hospitality. - Nicole Ponder 

Praxis: Spring 2018

To be a Christian is to live in Christian community. - Ryan Adams


Through the Holy Spirit and His Church, God is bringing back together what has been shattered by Mankind’s pride. - Ryan Adams

Love in Translation: Love with Abandon

Love with abandon and be freed from the pressure of having to get it all right. This frees us into the abundant life we’re created to live. - Cole NeSmith

Love in Translation: Evangelism

Evangelism isn’t dependent on you, but it is an opportunity to be a part of God’s work of bringing people back into the relationship He created them for. - Paul Alexander