Advent: Peace

There is a reason God gave us a baby and not a warrior for a Messiah - Ryan Adams

Advent: Hope

Hope is the trajectory of God's redemptive love, and a promise He will finish what He started - Ryan Adams

Signposts in the Mist: New Adam

God’s salvation for the world through Christ can be understood as healing our deepest wounds. - Ryan Adams

Equipped: With the Spirit

Become servants to one another through love, by choosing to live a life led by the spirit. -Logan Harris

Equipped: With Choice

Let's redeem the options God has placed before us as the gift he intends for them to be. -Cole NeSmith

The Last Five Years...

Join us as we pause and reflect on the five years that our community has existed. 

Bold Exploration: Humility

On the journey, let us embrace and embody the strength and humility of Jesus. -Cole NeSmith