Our PRAXIS gatherings are intended to help us pause, reflect, and seek vision for the coming season. Be praying now about how you might step into deeper responsibility for the gifts and resources He has granted you in this next season.

Take some time to read about our upcoming opportunities and ask the Lord what he would have for you over the next couple of months. Interested in a group, please email the leader or team to learn more!

Groups will officially launch the week of October 16th. 

GIFTS Exploring and practicing spiritual gifts in safe community. Tuesdays, 7 pm, 1220 Alden Rd,

HOLY TEMPLES Cultivating healthy practices and perspectives that help us love and care for ourselves & others as Temples of the Holy Spirit. Wednesdays, 7 pm, 1220 Alden Rd,

RENOVATE Seeking practical disciplines for spiritual growth within our individual personalities. Thursdays, 7 pm, 1220 Alden Rd,

BELOVED Come and be with Him & with us.A safe place to meet and encounter God face-to-face. Fridays (first), 7 pm, Metro West,

MARRIEDS Coming alongside married & engaged couples and families to bring opportunities for encouragement, support, and connection. Fridays (second), 7 pm, 1220 Alden Rd,