Community Group Hosts


This summer, our hope was to enter into the realities of our lives with those around us, sharing faith and doing life pressing onward towards Jesus always. Our community groups were launched with a focus on radical hospitality and togetherness.

We want to continue to increase the connections between our people and challenge ourselves to immerse ourselves in the kingdom together.

We want to hear from you about your experiences so far so we might make this the best experience it can be! As we move into the fall, we want to continue laying the foundation of hospitality for our people while also moving towards increased discipleship of one another. Your feedback will help us move in this direction together!

Thank you for leading, learning, and pressing into radical hospitality this summer. We are so thankful for you!


Please respond by Sunday, September 9th so we can prepare for the fall season of community groups!

Our next Praxis Sunday will be September 16th, and people will be able to sign up for fall community groups through the end of September.

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