We believe that the spiritual gifts are precisely that, spiritual. They are extensions of our intimacy with God, the identity He has created for us, and the purposes to which He has called us to be a light unto the world. The redemptive gifts, as they are sometimes referred to, are specifically for the benefit of other people.

Secondly, while we believe all gifts are available to all believers as the Lord sees fit to move, there may be a particular set of gifts imbued within us for a season, or perhaps a lifetime, that have primacy over the others. Discovery of gifts He may currently bestow upon us can give greater clarity to our specific calling within the tapestry that is the Church Body. Our personalities, passions, and desires also have relation to the redemptive gifts God has given us.


What you will find below is not a test; the results of this exercise are not definitive, nor are they concrete. Rather, they are a starting point for a conversation with the Holy Spirit that will continue to play out in your life as you step out in faith to be who He has called you to be. Take your time, prepare yourself, and be honest. Your response shouldn’t be what you think is the “right” answer for a christian, but rather a reflection of where you are currently.

As you pray through each description, ask the Spirit to reveal not only whether these things ring true for you, but also how strongly they resound with your personal experience up to this point in your life. At the end, consider which three or four gifts might be your primary ones, and ask the Lord how they fit together to make you, you.


This is a guided prayer experience to help us discover and embrace our Spiritual Gifts. The accompanying written piece can be found here. We encourage you to take time with this guide and prayerfully consider each specific one.