Sundays at 10:30 AM

1220 Alden Road, Orlando, FL, 32803

Our Sunday gatherings are a sacred time and space set aside to help us grow closer to God as one body. We do this though a wide variety of activities: music, sacraments, scripture, prayer, fellowship with others, and creative experiences. For us, Sundays are a unique opportunity to do things we may not get to participate in throughout the week.




We endeavor to live lifestyles of worship, acknowledging and celebrating God’s presence with us from moment to moment. Not only are our gatherings a place for us to express our delight in Who God is and what He’s doing for us and through us, they are also a place for us to learn the language of worship so we can incorporate it into our daily rhythms. Whether it’s through music, generosity of time, prayer or sacrament, we do everything on a Sunday to express how worthy God is to us.



To be a follower of Jesus is to be welcomed into a new family, and our Sunday gatherings are a space for us to practice being present to one another. As we seek out the Kingdom of God together, we begin to figure out what love really means through offering our individuality to the community in our stories, personalities, and gifts. We serve each other, pray for one another, and share our experiences so that we may all grow closer to God and to one another.



Together, we're leading kids into living relationship with God through scripture, prayer, worship, and hands-on experience. The Greenhouse isn't only about kids. It's about cultivating healthy families in our community.