Family Gathering Survey

Thank you for joining us at one of our family gatherings! We are honored and thankful you call City Beautiful Church your home.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey for us! As elders, our hope is to use this information to better understand where City Beautiful Church is serving our community well and where we need to focus our growth and development in this next season. As these areas of growth surface we will connect with Ryan and our leaders for next steps.

Your voice is valuable. Take some time to pray into these questions and give yourself the space needed to honestly answer each one.

Please note: only the Elders will see your name. An aggregated report without names will be shared with the leadership team.


Your Elders, 

Paul, Anne, Greg, Annie, and Landon

If someone doesn't currently attend, what would you say about us?
How often do you invite others (friends, family, co-workers) to come to church with you? *
I understand: *
I understand:
The vision of City Beautiful Church.
The values of City Beautiful Church.
The beliefs of City Beautiful Church.
The areas of contributions as described at the family gathering and the best ways to engage in/with them.
Which Sunday gathering do you attend most often? *
How often do you attend one of the Sunday gatherings? *
The following part of the Sunday gathering is most significant in aiding my walk with the Lord. *
Which part of the Sunday gathering, if any, do you struggle to connect with? *
In the past few months, I have served on the following ministry team(s). *
Check all that apply.
In the past few months, I have been served by the following ministry team(s). *
Check all that apply.
As we seek to live a life of constant growth in relationship with the Father and others, what is your desire to mentor someone in our community or to be mentored by someone in our community? *
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